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Levitra 20 MG




Vardenafil, the active component in Levitra 20mg pills, is used to treat erectile dysfunction. The German business Bayer Pharmaceuticals has commercial rights to vardenafil, which is marketed as Vivanza in Italy and Staxyn in India. As of July 2019, Vardenafil pills, which come in dosages of 5 mg, 10 mg, and 20 mg, are a generic substitute for Levitra.

PDE5 inhibitors, such as those found in Levitra generic pills, work to restore normal blood flow to the penis. They have demonstrated efficacy in treating males over 50 as well as individuals with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes who may be unable to use other ED medications due to these conditions. Let’s help you with everything about the drug before you plan to buy levitra online

How does it work?

During sexual stimulation, it increases blood flow to the penis. A result of the increased blood flow is an erection. Vardenafil does not improve sexual desire or treat erectile dysfunction. It is not possible to prevent pregnancy or the transmission of sexually transmitted infections like HIV using vardenafil.

How to Take Levitra?

Before beginning to use cheap Levitra online and each time you receive a refill, read the Patient Information Leaflet, if it is available from your pharmacist. See your physician or pharmacist if you have any queries.

As prescribed by your physician, take this medicine orally as required. Take vardenafil one hour before engaging in sexual activity, with or without meals. Never take more than once every day. Medication should be spaced out by at least 24 hours.

Side effects

Are you planning to buy Levitra online? Then you must be well-versed in the side effects that the drug offers. 

Having sex can place additional strain on your heart, particularly if you already have cardiac issues. When having sex and experiencing any of these significant adverse effects—severe dizziness, fainting, pain in the chest, jaw, or left arm—you should stop and receive medical attention immediately if you have heart issues.

Rarely, one or both eyes may experience abrupt diminished vision, including irreversible blindness (NAION). Should this severe issue arise, cease using vardenafil immediately and seek medical attention. Heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, several other eye conditions (such as “crowded disk”), smoking, being older than 50, and high blood pressure all marginally increase your risk of having NAION.


If you have any additional allergies or are allergic to vardenafil, let your doctor or pharmacist know before starting to use it. Inactive chemicals in this product have the potential to trigger allergic reactions or other issues. For further information, see your Levitra online cheap pharmacist.

Vardenafil 20mg may cause changes in your eyesight or dizziness. Both marijuana and alcohol (cannabis) can increase vertigo. Until you can do so safely, avoid using machinery, driving, or doing anything else that requires focus or sharp eyesight. Don’t drink too much alcohol. See your physician if you use cannabis, often known as marijuana.

Dosage of Levitra

  • One pill, at the very least, twenty-five minutes before bedtime.
  • In certain guys, Levitra might take up to an hour to start working; in other men, it can start working in as little as 15 to 20 minutes.
  • The effects of Levitra usually wear off within 4 to 5 hours, although sometimes they linger longer.
  • For erectile dysfunction, you should never take more than one tablet (Levitra, Cialis, or Viagra) in 24 hours.
  • To keep Levitra working, take it empty-handed or after a small meal, and try to avoid drinking too much alcohol.

For most individuals, the recommended first dosage is 10 milligrams once daily, given 60 minutes before engaging in sexual activity. If necessary, your doctor may lower the dosage to 5 milligrams or raise it to a maximum of 20 milligrams. If you are 65 years of age or older, or if you have certain medical issues, your doctor could start you on the lower 5 milligrams of Levitra to observe how you respond to it.

Because you have different dosage strengths, your doctor can change your dosage to get the greatest response that is both safe and effective for you. Remember that before your doctor modifies the dosage or medication, you might need to take the recommended dose of Levitra order online for a few weeks.



How much time does a bottle of Levitra last?

There are two strengths of Levitra: 10 mg and 20 mg pills. Every strength takes around 30 minutes to start working and can last up to 10 hours. While most men start with 10 mg pills of Levitra, your doctor can assist you in selecting the appropriate dosage.

Does Levitra have more potency than Viagra?

As you can see, there isn’t much of an efficacious difference between Levitra 40 mg and Viagra. In general, Levitra produces an erection that lasts somewhat longer and acts a bit faster.

What is the duration of Levitra’s effectiveness?

The penis must be stimulated for this medication to start working, which normally happens 60 minutes after taking it. Speak with your doctor if you have any questions about using vardenafil.

Can I take two tablets of Levitra?

It’s crucial that you just take one Levitra pill every day. It’s also not something you should take daily.

Does Levitra improve cardiac health?

However, by altering blood arteries all across the body, ED drugs like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra may enhance heart health. According to a recent study, males may be shielded from heart attacks, strokes, and other serious cardiovascular events by this impact.