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Privacy Policy for Centurian Lab 

Customers can change their views at any moment if they feel that providing their personal information is no longer required or relevant. Until you voluntarily request it, you will not be considered “opt-in”. Customers are considered to be “opt-out” unless they voluntarily decide to opt in. Every time a third party learns personally identifiable information about one of our clients, we make sure they are notified. We alert our clients so they have the information necessary to decide for themselves whether or not to move forward with any services that involve giving their personally identifiable information to a third party.

At Centurian Lab, we respect and acknowledge our customers’ privacy. Your personal information is collected, used, disclosed, and protected when you visit our website or use our services by our privacy policy. By utilizing or gaining access to our services, you concur with the rules and procedures stated above. The privacy of our clients is extremely important to us at Centurian Lab. We ensure that the data you submit during the login process is appropriately protected to safeguard it. We only use your information to help you make informed decisions and to enhance and expedite your online shopping experience.

We may occasionally need any or all of the aforementioned information to give Centurian lab-related information and to improve the user experience on our website or mobile application. In particular, we may utilize Data for the purposes listed below:

Fulfill our responsibilities under any agreement we may have with you; offer goods and/or services and keep you informed about them; permit Centurian lab and Partners to offer their goods and/or services and keep you informed about them; process, disclose, transmit, and/or share data/information with Centurian lab and other third parties that have business or contractual dealings with us; provide you with offers (including for


Provide you suggestions and personalized services, enhance your experience on our website and mobile application, and make offers (including for financial products and/or services);

Run, assess, and enhance our company, website, and mobile application;


Gather combined data to create insights that help us comprehend consumer behavior, patterns, and trends in order to discover more about your preferences or other traits;

Grant you rights and benefits, run marketing and promotional initiatives based on your profile, and work with us or other Centurian lab to manage loyalty programs.